Faculty and Staff

The Faculty and Staff of Heston Elementary are dedicated professionals who embody the vision and the mission of the school.

Our Leadership Team
• Mrs. Angela Gaddie-Edwards – Principal
• Mr. A. Koniecki – School Climate
• Ms. A. Fields – SBTL
• Ms. R. Rutherford-Lowe – Reading Specialist
• Ms. Cole – Counselor
• Ms. Levin – Counselor
• Mr. Austin – Special Education (SEL)
• Mrs. T. Tate – Grade 2-3 Leader
• Ms. Costello – K -1 Leader
. Ms. Jackson – 4 – 6 Leader

Teaching Staff
Audrey Fields – SBTL
Renae Rutherford-Lowe – Reading Specialist

Mrs. B. Durant
Ms. K. Hines
Ms. J. Singleton

Ms. G. Sarah
Mrs. T. Costello

First Grade
Ms. K. Colbert
Mrs. Tiffany Tate
Ms. K. Marchewka
Ms. S. Hyppolite

Second Grade
Mrs. C. Jennings Stewart
Ms. K. Granato
Mrs. C. Burris

Third Grade
Ms. D. Sanchez
Ms. D. Hackett
Mrs. Altman

Fourth Grade
Ms. K. Jackson
Ms. C. Kiebler

Fifth Grade
Ms L. Palish
Ms. T. West

Sixth Grade
Mrs. S. Walker
Ms. L. Bastos

Middle Years
Mrs – Science –
Mr. – Social Studies
Ms. – Math – R. Colon
Ms. – English/Language Arts

Special Education Resource
Mr. J. Austin – 5-8
Mr. V. Imbriglia – K-4

Ms. H. Fiore K-3
Ms. E. Taylor 4-6

Dr. Bukasa – Technology/ Computer Science
Ms. K. Breitbart – Art
Mr. S. Murphy – Physical Education