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April 25, 2023


Dear Heston Community,

I am writing to provide an important environmental update about our school building. Our school is undergoing improvements to our energy and HVAC systems.

Any asbestos-containing materials in our building that are disturbed by the work activities (drilling, hammering, etc.) must be removed and disposed of as required by the building code and The School District of Philadelphia policy to ensure the safety of all. Additionally, any environments where construction occurs are likewise being managed to protect the safety and health of the building’s occupants.

The abatement work is being done by licensed building professionals and overseen by licensed City of Philadelphia Project Inspectors.  Any debris produced by the work is being disposed of following regulatory safety protocols in case they contain any trace of asbestos. Abatement work is done outside school hours when students or staff are not in the building. Air quality testing is done during every work shift when abatement work is occurring to confirm that the environment is safe.

It was noted that a locked and sealed disposal container, with a sign that said “asbestos,” was photographed, and concerned individuals have asked questions.  The signage used on the container is required by law and was not meant to cause any confusion or fear in the school community. The container reflects the District’s disposal of asbestos waste. in accordance with federal regulatory requirements.

We are delighted our school will soon have an improved HVAC system, and I will continue to engage with you as project information becomes available.


Angela Edwards


Health Insurance & Resource Benefits for Students and


Student Daily Schedule: 8:15 to 2:54 

Heston Uniforms Expectations

GradesUniform TopsUniform Bottoms
Kindergarten - 4th Grade-Light Blue Polo Collared Shirts
-Sweaters with no hoods
*Hoodies and Do-rags are not permitted in the building
-Grey Slacks, Khakis, Skirts, Jumpers
-Sweatpants for gym days ONLY
*No, jeans, tights, leggings
5th - 8th Grade-Black Polo Collared Shirts
-Sweaters with no hoods
*Hoodies and Do-rags are not permitted in the building
-Grey Slacks, Khakis, Skirts, Jumpers
-Sweatpants for gym days ONLY
*No, jeans, tights, leggings

The 2022-2023 Edward Heston School Plan is now available for public review. Edward Heston School [4300] 2022-2023 School Plan. Please share your feedback by clicking here.


Information regarding new student registration can be found at There are 4 ways to register your student in school…

  1. Online
  2. Over the phone 
  3. In-person by appointment only
  4. By paper application and dropped off at the headquarters drop box.

Registering your student in-person or by paper application are done at The School District Headquarters at 440 N. Broad Street. The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement can be reached at 215-400-4290.


Principal’s message

The children of our school will be educated in a safe and healthy environment. We are committed to raising the performance level of our students in meeting the state standards by demonstrating significant academic gains. Through increased parent involvement, community partnerships, mandated programs and ongoing assessments, our children will benefit from the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders. We will strive to help our youth make a successful transition into well-adjusted and productive citizens.

Angela Gaddie-Edwards